Monday Morning Star Count 2014/26

Monday, June 30, 2014 12 comments
Wow!  Are we really half-way through the 2014 MMSC?  Time does fly!  Two of my grandchildren spent the week with us at the beach so I didn't get as much stitching in as I would have liked, but really enjoyed the time with them :)  Although Gracie was a little upset I forgot her EPP kit, she did help me with mine by going through my hexie box and arranging flowers and threading my needle.  Here they are on the beach.

So here is what I was able to get done.  I completed this full section:

I have about 26 more sections to create and here is my stack of 41 sections ready to be stitched:

This is the first section I created along with this one:

At this point I am thinking I may have too many sections, but only time will tell.  I am at my 1 year anniversary of starting this quilt this weekend.  This is my very first project and although I am anxious to see it completed, I am so enjoying the process.  So thankful to Jessica for her knowledge, book, blog, and Monday Morning Star Count.  Come visit her at Life Under Quilts and join the MMSC!  It is a great group of people and if it weren't for the encouragement, I don't know if I would be making so much progress!

Monday Morning Star Count 2014/25

Sunday, June 22, 2014 6 comments
Another successful week...and I call any week I am able to get some EPP in, a successful week!  Since we split our time each week between our camper and our home, I set up two kits; one for each place. This seemed like a good idea, because then I don't have to carry everything back and forth.  I am still working out the logistics, but so far it is working pretty well.

While at home this week, I basted 30 background hexagons.  Traveling between places I completed one flower.  While camping, I was able to stitch two sections together.

I have finally settled on my favorite thimble - the Clover Natural Leather thimble.  I have one in each kit now and and could not imagine stitching without it!  Thank you to everyone who made suggestions!  I swear I must own 20 different thimbles!

My latest favorite gadget is the Sewline Needle Threader.  It works great with the smaller size needles and finer threads.  I use a size 10 needle and 50 weight thread.  It works every single time.  I love it and just ordered a second one so I don't have to carry it back and forth.

I have 25 flowers left to complete and lots of stitching to get it all put together! I will hit one year working on this project next week.  This is my very first project and I am so thankful for everyone who has helped me along the way.  I have learned so much from everyone! 

I am  linking up with Jessica at Life Under Quilts.   Check it out  and  you  may just want to join us!   Also, check out Jessica's book -- Quilting On The Go - it is awesome - full of tips and projects and great for everyone from beginner to experienced!

Monday Morning Star Count 2014/24

Monday, June 16, 2014 2 comments
Another good week, although very busy with work, I still was able to complete 3 flowers and teach someone how to EPP!

Here are the three flowers I completed, which leaves me with 28 left to complete.

So, I was fortunate enough to spend some time with a friend's daughter (19) and teach her how to EPP!  It was a lot of fun and I taught her on 2" hexagons so the piece will grow fast.  She did great!  She basted 19 hexagons and sewed 3 of them together.  I forgot to take a picture, but trust me, she did a wonderful job!

What I do want to share with you, is what happens when you are teaching someone and don't quite pay enough attention to what you are stitching:

Yes, that's right....the polka dot print is the center of the flower ;)  I helped Jackie with her stitching and then picked up my own stitching and didn't check the line up...just started stitching!  LOL!  At least it was only one side and was easy to rip out.

Just love linking up with Jessica at Life Under Quilts

Monday Morning Star Count 2014/23

Monday, June 9, 2014 2 comments
I must confess...the weather was so beautiful that I was pleasantly distracted and spent some time gardening and camping.  I still found time to complete three flowers and packed a travel kit for our two hour trip home.  I had never tried to stitch during a trip, but Jessica inspired me to try it.  I actually enjoyed it and it was not as hard as I thought it would be.

Here are the three flowers I completed prior to setting out on our journey home.  I used a ziploc freezer bag and packed supplies and extra hexies.

Here is the flower I completed on the road:

So 4 flowers down and 32 left to go!  Oh and I had better getting busy sewing them together!
I am so happy to be linking up with Jessica at Life Under Quilts!  Come and check out everyone's progress!

Monday Morning Star Count - 2014/22

Monday, June 2, 2014 3 comments
A week with a little bit of everything!  I sorted out all my basted hexies and have 36 more flowers to stitch.

I stitched 3 more flowers:

And added the yellow stripe section that is on the left to the main quilt:

I guess I suffered from "EPP ADD" LOL!  I couldn't seem to stick with one thing all week!

I am linking up with Jessica at Life Under Quilts for the Monday Morning Star Count. Come join us!