Monday Morning Star Count 2014/21

Monday, May 26, 2014 3 comments
Another busy week and lots of family time, which is always awesome!  I played around with placement for my Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt.  So many choices!  One part of me just wants to plan as I go and the oh so very analytical side of me wants to plan it out!  Decisons, decisions, decisions :)

Had my Mother's Day Gift setup.  Here is my new HandiQuilter Avante (gosh I have a wonderful husband!).  I am calling her Lady A; My Grandmother's name was Alma and she sure was a wonderful grandmother :)  I figure "Lady A" could stand for Alma, Allison, or Avante :)

And my daughter, son-in-law, and grandchildren spent the weekend with us camping in Maine.  Although it was hectic I still managed to stitch 4 new hexagon flowers for the GFG quilt.

I am linking up with Jessica at Life Under Quilts for the Monday Morning Star Count!

Monday Morning Star Count 2014/20

Sunday, May 18, 2014 11 comments
The weather finally has turned beautiful and everything is starting to bloom.  It certainly had me full of energy and anxious to make more progress on my Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt.

I was able to add the border hexies to 9 sections and basted 30 ivory border hexies.  I have enough color variation to really start playing with additional layout options.  Here are the 9 sections for this week.

This week I will focus on stitching a section together and possibly connecting to the first section I completed (below):
So grateful for the enthusiasm and support of the wonderful people who are linking up with Jessica at Life Under Quilts.  You are a talented bunch :) and every week I learn something new!  Thank you Jessica for bringing all of us together and sharing your passion with us!

Monday Morning Star Count 2014/19

Monday, May 12, 2014 4 comments
Another crazy week, but still decent progress.  I was able to complete 3 flowers and baste 15 border hexagons.  I really enjoy the slower pace of hand-stitching when everything around me is so crazy busy!

I am linking up with Jessica at Life Under Quilts for the Monday Morning Star Count!  Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day and can't wait to view everyone's progress!

Monday Morning Star Count - 2014/18

Monday, May 5, 2014 5 comments
Why do I always overestimate what I can accomplish?  Well, I guess it is better to aim high and fall a little short, than not to aim at all!

I spent most of this week finishing quilts for our camper and then working with my husband to open up the camper, put up the summer room, etc.

The good news is, that I packed up a sewing kit to leave in the camper since we will be spending half of our time here until the Fall.  And as you can see, I finished two flowers.

I finally got to see how the quilt I made for our bed in the camper would actually fit and I love it!  Nice to see that my measurements were actually very accurate.  While I was making it, I was crossing my fingers that I did not miscalculate anything as there was no way for me to test it out until Spring!

So here is to more progress next week!  Thanks to Jessica at Life Under Quilts for allowing me to participate in the Monday  Morning Star Count!  You are a wonderful group of people and I love watching your progress and wonderful projects!